Roll up! Roll up! All the fun of the fair. And what fair would be complete without stocks, a pillory, or maybe even a shrew's fiddle?

I've divided these pictures according to their country of origin. Personally I think our German friends do these things best. What do you think? Yuck! Who threw that?

First some pictures from renaissance faires in America. The land of the free.

270639.JPG 328758.JPG 501735.JPG. hannah.JPG. ceara2.JPG. darla1.JPG darla2.JPG danielle.JPG. exc2.JPG. fairoaks.JPG vanessa.JPG.

f0076.JPG f0077.JPG fairefolk9.JPG. fairefolk10.JPG. guilty.JPG. image1.JPG 03slo.JPG. 952629.JPG 186140.JPG 263880.JPG 289701.JPG.

dragonsfire4.JPG. lockedup.JPG. 702835.JPG. 6c6b.JPG 205371.JPG. 702836.JPG. 339296.JPG. fair2007.JPG 2766302071.JPG. 4105260430.JPG 4104493863.JPG.

309680.JPG. 578368.JPG in-the-stocks.JPG. 607727.JPG. 038e3f76fab711e18eb922000a1de2f1_7.JPG. 2082017815_e291db875a.JPG. 3783054050_20bc3b20e8_b.JPG 3866461340.JPG. 4994275981_847990d859_o.JPG. 5113072304_90b44240b0_b.JPG. 6077816912_7e7a8138bf_b.JPG

bail.JPG. DSC02753.JPG img_5527.JPG. 12 - 1.JPG 973.JPG. IMG_0923.JPG SanFranciscoRennFaire.JPG. 10666162_356709524524653_1278987274_n.JPG. fresno1.JPG Lainie.JPG. 12558271_628229537315387_1138287115_n (USA).JPG.

050216_2a_gdd_stocks (USA).JPG. 10932438_849756425093519_1537070236_n (USA).JPG 11312025_1597415290525087_618930309_n (USA).JPG. Kayley (USA).JPG. slightlyloud (USA).JPG 14128821_1015269031904020_382215553_n (USA).JPG. 17857909486_a54ff13ca3_b (USA).JPG IMG_0779.JPG. lilly.JPG lordsandladies (USA).JPG.

trisha (USA).JPG BtYlvoPCIAARKwv (USA).JPG. 13694377_134753776966289_782017197_n (USA).JPG

Remaining in America, the authorities take decisive action to deal with an outbreak of piracy at Plunderathon.

566789.JPG 603422.JPG. 567065.JPG 567419.JPG. 258267.JPG. 258629.JPG 263165.JPG. 313338.JPG. 313339.JPG 313342.JPG.

The renaissance faire at Ogden (Utah) has an excellent policy. Some faires charge people to try out their pillory, whereas at Ogden this is a free service. However this is not quite as charitable as it seems. There is a charge for unlocking the pillory. This "no fee, no key" policy ensures that everyone pays up...eventually.

ogden5.JPG. ogden6.JPG ogden7.JPG. ogden4.JPG ogden10.JPG ogden12.JPG ogden18.JPG ogden1.JPG. ogden2.JPG

ogden3.JPG. ogden8.JPG ogden9.JPG ogden11.JPG ogden13.JPG ogden14.JPG ogden15.JPG ogden19.JPG

Still in America, lawbreakers are re-educated by the Helping Hands Mercenary Guild....at a reasonable price.

293097.JPG 297197.JPG. 299323.JPG 303048.JPG. 305822.JPG. 307415.JPG 309365.JPG. 312517.JPG. 313052.JPG

315355.JPG. 321585.JPG. 300211.JPG 311117.JPG. 315582.JPG 315808.JPG. 318897.JPG. 294202.JPG 296115.JPG.

296412.JPG 300132.JPG. 305187.JPG. 309582.JPG 311737.JPG. 311880.JPG. 312899.JPG 314851.JPG

Next we visit Scandinavia, so wrap up warm.

aandekaak.JPG. karin.JPG. rita.JPG tordis.JPG mirella3.JPG mirella.JPG swedish.JPG 835230.JPG. stupstocken1500164923.JPG I stupstocken.JPG. 15-06-2013-middeleeuwen-in-de-diezerpoort-003001.JPG. 11324438_536131509869534_2037332249_n Swedish.JPG. 11356885_515205315311683_1993363750_n Danish.JPG

stocken_redigerad-1.JPG joulumarkkinat_by_MP_0041 (Finnish).JPG. johanna ja helena puussa (Finnish).JPG. 924568_526163657484927_1629035924_n (Swedish).JPG. 11191582_811616788886380_2000492148_n.JPG.

While we're in northern Europe, Finland has moved up the league table with a couple of medieval markets. Here are some pictures from Markkinat Luvun:

markkinakuvia 1700.JPG. jalkapuu.JPG Markkinat Luvun.JPG 1186317.JPG 41575_1024.JPG. 41577_1024.JPG. 10560315.JPG IMG_8794.JPG P1040237.JPG.

Another Finnish medieval market, Turun Keskiaikamarkkinat:

_full.JPG IMG_1639.JPG finn2_full.JPG. IMG_1635.JPG. finn5_full.JPG. IMG_0141_1280.JPG. IMG_0151_1280.JPG IMG_1278_2048.JPG IMG_1642.JPG. IMG_7594.JPG. Hapeapaalu_Turun_keskiaikamarkkinat_2010.JPG. 11377647_900170363378309_929345054_n Finnish.JPG

11377827_876734912408878_147564479_n.JPG 11381443_1382078325432200_1592619829_n.JPG 13556948_1021708901277523_1348505159_n.JPG. 13561856_296289940704986_2145019405_n.JPG. 1280px-Women_in_stocks_at_Turku_Medieval_market_2015.JPG 13525259_266366473733972_1395923610_n.JPG 10448861_1448559378749086_1556082780_n.JPG 13534138_1081793561901164_1853789950_n.JPG ritakeskitalo.JPG.

Now we pop over to Germany. Pillories, yokes, shrew's fiddles......und eine doppelhalsgeige. And I haven't even included any crow's cage pictures. Our German friends don't do things by halves!

128039.JPG. efe6.JPG 1259.JPG. 1265.JPG. 3995.JPG marion1.JPG marion2.JPG ruhraue19.JPG. dreynschlag.JPG. img7660.JPG. romaniktross.JPG

schoerfling.JPG 0004230_c.JPG srby9957.JPG 4033.JPG. b205.JPG. b251.JPG. b265.JPG c389.JPG img9698.JPG 1020631.JPG 1020632.JPG

348889.JPG. braunfelsb2.JPG braunfpr5.JPG. brpr0524.JPG. klubtur200337.JPG stupstock.JPG DSC00027.JPG. 10083683.JPG doppelhalsgeige.JPG. Lc2e0ad.JPG hexe1.JPG img_2481.JPG

img_2484.JPG braunfelsscan.JPG 9a0e1b.JPG 1076469-10-1309010962885.JPG. 1076469-10-1309011084169.JPG pranger3528.JPG. halsgeige.jpg caeu.JPG maya_0.JPG 100_4059.JPG 046-merf.JPG catched_girl.JPG.

DSC_0294.JPG. hilfe-ich-werde-ins-mittelalter-entfuehrt.JPG IMG_1612.JPG. nikkiampranger.JPG. 6a78724e.JPG DSC01261.JPG P1390372.JPG 871652_orig.JPG. freidberg1.JPG Henkersmahlzeit am Pranger.JPG. img_2038.JPG

d7ecbc9.jpg 28355420.JPG Espenschied_schandgeige.JPG Madel am Pranger.JPG 11246307_844294825624010_40764765_n pranger.jpg 12081241_1629519313983663_298416298_n (German).JPG 293120_397766743613375_1281031440_n.JPG 10288736_10204744416436400_5839524509120236684_n (German).JPG DSCF8430.JPG org_mb143835(German).JPG Hussitenfestspiele.JPG.

schultz (German).JPG seesen0902 (207).JPG k-pranger (German).jpg Burgkurzweyl_Verurteilung_4bda0440c7 (German).JPG. 0141_burgkurzweyl_Spektakel_003 (German).JPG. 0141_burgkurzweyl_Spektakel_013 (German).JPG 1364181_t1w747h560q80v54604 (German).JPG. donau1.JPG. Heiligenberg_(34).JPG img_3951.JPG Schuldig.JPG

Altstadt1(German).JPG. Altstadt2(German).JPG. beliebte1.JPG beliebte2.JPG Prellhawer_Spilberg_Langenstein_20160701-03_DSC_0713_0475_1024px(German).JPG

Remaining in Germany, we now visit the Kaltenberg faire. Here we see the faces of volunteers being glued and feathered. There might have been fewer volunteers if the traditional tar had been used. They must remain in the pillory until they can persuade some of the crowd to kiss them.

Kaltenberg1.JPG. Kaltenberg2.JPG. Kaltenberg3.JPG. Kaltenberg4.JPG. Kaltenberg5.JPG. Kaltenberg6.JPG. Kaltenberg7.JPG.

Kaltenberg8.JPG. Kaltenberg9.JPG. 12568884_894140214040806_1520914502_n (German).JPG Kaltenberg10.JPG. Kaltenberg11.JPG.

The Italians are runners up with their splendid medieval fair at Canelli.

gogna_festa2.JPG. gogna_festa3.JPG. gogna_festa5.JPG. 10616394_310523675794763_469789938_n (Italian).JPG. 11288030_786647361449354_718373680_n (Italian).JPG. Gognagirl.JPG. 10467898_500705806731553_1320275518_n (Italian).JPG. 11848969_1703571616537271_806605131_n (Italian).JPG. gogna1.JPG. 10683916_453047161568861_254385193_n (Italy).JPG. 11375260_472540879589728_530511748_n (Italian).JPG.

gogna_festa1.JPG. gogna14598420ddd11e3979622000a1fb04f_7.JPG. 11357417_125945894423538_713913645_n (Italian).JPG. 11909914_880241345385183_87935644_n(Italian).JPG. 18443999_446797248989133_7073059813587943424_n(Italian).JPG.

Still in Italy, some pictures from Il Rinascimento di Colle:

5836_533360046711428_1694908248_n.JPG. 1000191_533360060044760_1548980309_n.JPG. 263514_201489459898490_7716262_n.JPG. 285668_393485567365544_265798918_n.JPG 556593_393187730728661_1123333386_n.JPG 600762_388541411193293_235764176_n.JPG. 983772_530074940373272_1493754798_n.JPG.

Sacre bleu! Although it pains me to say it, after a slow start the French are surging ahead with le pilori et le carcan. Take a look at these wonderful pictures from a French medieval fair.

torturecarcan.JPG. brigand.JPG. histoires.JPG royat037.JPG pilori-medievale-tourrette-levens-2011-5.JPG. 240911160219_550.JPG. labelleaucarcan.JPG auconnier-et-chevaliers.JPG. Fete-medievale-de-Rodemack.JPG 1604221.JPG. donau2.JPG.

11373632_1416731108650738_1660953113_n pilori.JPG. Marville festival 30 mai23.JPG pilori 154.JPG. 1604221_5950433_pilori.JPG. les-fines-lames-du-medoc-mireille-calmel-28329.JPG. Emilie (French).JPG. 12976834_1045263558901841_5539766183320704592_o (French).JPG. 64-p5110 (French).JPG. 65-la-prisonniere(French).JPG. SORCIERE_225 (French).JPG

Another French fair. Stuck in a pillory and your hair is a mess? Then you need a visiting medieval hairdresser. A few expert tweaks and she's looking as chic as ever. Voila, c'est magnifique.

ScreenHunter_841 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG ScreenHunter_846 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG ScreenHunter_848 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG ScreenHunter_852 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG ScreenHunter_857 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG ScreenHunter_861 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG ScreenHunter_863 Feb. 12 19.54.JPG

In the Iberian peninsula, a pillory is generally considered to be a stone pillar with an iron collar attached. But Spain is at last moving away from such abominations and embracing the wood.

11265742_460782284091734_1754138250_n Spanish.JPG 13437228_1134359853252961_361872719_n.JPG CCXNNdnW4AEGFjF (Spanish).JPG pedacitos(Spanish).JPG

Eastern Europe is starting to emerge as a promising area for stocks and pillories. Lithuania is already firmly on the map with Trakai Castle (see Family Album), and our friends from Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are also making their presence felt. With a splendid disregard for health and safety, some of their stocks and pillories actually fit. Shhh.....nobody tell the European Union.

5127099040_806b8bdc84_o.JPG 5127115338_3e9f31635d_o.JPG dyby1.JPG zakuta_w_dybach.JPG tumblr_nb8pvprFJ91scyrtto4_1280 (Czech).JPG tumblr_nb8pvprFJ91scyrtto1_1280 (Czech).JPG 14712114_260769154318055_8176967202952445952_n (Polish).JPG denik (Czech).JPG orlik_stredovek_kat_muceni_galerie-980 (Czech).JPG

2009dyby(Polish).JPG denik1 (Czech).JPG

A faire in Poland, where victims have their legs shaved with an axe. Yes, that's a new one on me too. Perhaps Polish women have particularly hairy legs.

Polish_fair_1.JPG Polish_fair_2.JPG Polish_fair_3.JPG Polish_fair_4.JPG Polish_fair_5.JPG Polish_fair_6.JPG Polish_fair_8.JPG

Polish_fair_9.JPG Polish_fair_10.JPG Polish_fair_11.JPG

A rare visit to the southern hemisphere, where we find the Abbey Medieval Festival in Australia.

ScreenHunter_818 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG ScreenHunter_792 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG ScreenHunter_796 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG ScreenHunter_798 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG ScreenHunter_801 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG ScreenHunter_804 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG ScreenHunter_808 Feb. 12 19.12.JPG

Last and very much least is my part of the world, merrie olde England. A poor show, but at least we beat the Albanians.

herstmonceux.JPG 151583.JPG glo.JPG sherwood forest.JPG kings cross.JPG DSCN0813.JPG DSCN0827.JPG 1172429_664988116854939_784849645_n.JPG S5031549.JPG sims_edinburgh.JPG Picture-063(UK).JPG

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